New year, new term!

New year, new term!

And a new decade!
Over the last 10 years, PF have sponsored hundreds of youth in Rwanda – at primary, secondary and higher education level. It’s one of the greatest differences that funding can make and one we’re the proudest of.

Regular sponsorship donations from corporate businesses means PF can support much larger numbers of children with secured continuity of payments.

Entering the next decade, sponsorships are focused on nursery and primary education, particularly at the House of Children School in Gisenyi.
Here, sponsorship for 86 children, primarily with Special Needs, gives them the education they were being denied because of their vulnerable social status.

As well as school fees, sponsorships cover uniforms, lunches, milk, transport, books and medical insurance.

This gives bright young girls like Uwase the opportunity to go to school and excel at her classes, despite her physical disability.