Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey

Dairy cows produce milk for about 10 months after calving and the two new mums on PF’s Mwogo Farm have been keeping up a good supply during these lean pandemic months.

Litres of milk are produced for the daily consumption for each of the farming families and their disabled children, and enough to share with neighbours.

There’s no doubt this regular intake of vitamin rich milk has been making a huge difference in the health of the young people involved with the farm project.

Meanwhile, PF are working in partnership with UK organisation Bees Abroad, setting up an apiary where our farmers will learn beekeeping skills. This exciting development opens up further potential for the families to increase their income earning abilities by producing honey, wax and propolis.

Honeybee colonies are an incredibly effective way to alleviate poverty in rural areas. Apiaries are an environmental necessity for the pollination of the food we eat. Between PF and Bees Abroad the project will create a sustainable future for the farmers.