Izere Mubyeyi Centre, Kanombe

The rebuilt Izere Centre opened in 2017 on the outskirts of Kigali city. It offers essential therapy & education for 120 children and youth with disabilities, providing vital support for parents.

The Centre needs to offer physiotherapy to its registered children unable to get to the centre, but has no funds to achieve this.

In May 2017 PF funding began a mobile Outreach Programme, headed by PF Country Manager Viateur Uwambajimana, a skilled physiotherapist. He set up weekly mobile visits to community venues parents can reach. Along with trained Izere staff, physio is given to disabled children and parents are taught daily exercises to give their children at home.

Agnes Mukashyaka established Izere Mubyeyi in 2006.The centre faces many financial challenges to achieve its potential, relying on donations. Agnes runs it in an unpaid capacity & has a disabled son herself.

80 children are registered for Cerebral Palsy physiotherapy. But the Centre’s remoteness is a major obstacle for parents to carry disabled children there & they’re too poor to afford transport costs.

Parents attend the Outreach Programme with enthusiasm because the skills they’re learning empowers them to help their child. There have been remarkable improvements in all the children so far.

The centre itself also needs funding support to help towards wages for the special needs teachers who run their classes with such compassion but often can’t be paid.

PF also fund Applied Paper Technology (APT) Chairs for children with Cerebral Palsy. These are lightweight chairs made from recycled cardboard & glue.
A chair costs £20.

Parents can easily carry them and sit their child safely while they work. A disabled child interacts better with its environment when seated rather than lying down.

Poverty prevents parents getting the support they need. Taking Izere’s services to them is a direct action with positive outcomes. Giving a child the ability to sit or walk by themselves makes a massive and long-term impact.

By supporting Izere with the costs of an outreach physio programme PF is helping increase the wellbeing of low income families struggling to manage with a disabled child.