Harvesting in Rain

Harvesting in Rain

Once again, one of our major donors, Teapigs, has risen to the water challenge and raised the funds for another rainwater harvest tank.
Teapigs understand the value of water, not just in tea making, but it’s vital part in crop growing.

This whopping 10,000 litre tank made its bumpy way to PF’s Mwogo Organic Farm Project to harness the rainfall from the cow barn roof.

Here the tank will quickly fill during the short rainy season (Sept – Oct) to provide access to water during the short dry season (Dec – Feb). It will do the same during the long rainy season (March – May) and be invaluable during the drought of the long dry season June – Aug).

It provides fresh water for the cows and better irrigation for the crops. With easier access to water, the disabled farmers save time and physical struggles. Instead of making several journeys each day to fill jerry cans with dirty swamp water, they can now tend to livestock and crops more efficiently.

Rainwater harvesting: investing