Sign of the times

Sign of the times

Education for deaf or mute children in Rwanda is often denied through lack of resources, qualified sign teachers, or a schools disinterest in teaching children with Special needs.

Historically, Rwandan parents regard disabled children as ‘broken’ and spending money on their education is wasteful, especially in low-income families

House of Children Primary School (HoC) in Gisenyi leads the way for inclusive education, welcoming all children, whatever their special needs. Currently around 100 of their 700 pupils need special teaching.

However, they too struggle to find the extra funding needed to cover the costs of providing education to children with a disability. PF funds support most of these children already, but 3 years ago the need for Sign Teachers was becoming desperate.

Thanks to the wonderful commitment of PF donors, we support the wages of 3 fantastic Sign Teachers, Paluku, Joseph and Theobard. They’ve transformed access to education for so many deaf & mute children in each class across the school.

Not only that, in the true spirit of inclusive education, HoC now include Signing Lessons for the entire school, ensuring every child can communicate with each other, whatever their ability. That’s pretty amazing!