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[:en]School Books[:de]Hello world![:]


Quality education needs quality learning resources. Books are a fundamental need for school children, even in this digital world. So many schools in Rwanda, whether privately or publically run, struggle to find the budget to provide an effective quantity of approved text books.

A primary school pupil needs 6 National Curriculum books each school year – a total of 36 books per child for their entire primary schooling.

As part of their current book drive, PF funds have supplied 3,600 text books to House of Children Primary School in Gisenyi, where 650 pupils were sharing one book between three. At G.S.Kigeyo School in Rutsiro, 2,600 books were bought for the 768 secondary pupils and a designated library room created as they didn’t have one.

PF believes supporting better standards of education for disadvantaged children is an investment our generation can make to empower their futures. Better access to school books are a vital part of that.

A curriculum based text book costs £5.00……

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