Students and Sponsorship

PF are passionate about supporting the need for disadvantaged youth in Africa to get the best education they can. Whilst early education is vital in developing countries like Rwanda, its past history left many youth without family to help them through their education.

During the 7 years PF spent with Noel Orphanage, the desperate determination of older orphaned youth to improve their academic abilities and achieve more was a humbling inspiration to help. Since 2013 the number of students achieving their degrees or diplomas reached 110.

From 2010 PF began assisting some Noel orphanage children with school fees, including 10 secondary age girls supported through funding from the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund.

A number of university sponsorships were set up including 2 for orphanage nurses to improve their abilities. Plumbing & building trade skill schemes were organised with nearby Pfunda Tea Company and carpentry apprenticeship sessions held in Noel’s own workshop.

By 2013 PF had to increase the university sponsorship scheme to assist large numbers of students desperately needing education support due to the pending closure of the orphanage.

Thanks to sponsorships from companies like Teapigs, Express Vending and other corporates, Loughborough School and dozens of individual donors, Noel university students were able to achieve their goals.

Although sponsorship of students covered fees, in many cases it included accommodation, food, stationery, sanitary supplies and covered transport & medical costs.

TVET students were also assisted with equipment & tools and some benefitted from start-up grants. For those who struggled academically, PF funding encouraged them to attend mechanics courses or take driving exams.

PF sponsorships subsidised better wages for orphanage staff looking after the disabled and in 2014 paid for 13 chosen staff to be trained as full time accredited caregivers for the Community Based Living programme.

A number of trainee waiters at Gisenyi’s Serena Hotel were also funded through university, helping them attain their Hospitality & Management Degrees, empowering them to improve their job status & prospects.