Point Foundation has been managing educational sponsorships since 2006, supporting hundreds of socially impoverished children & youth to gain access to the schooling often denied to them.

Since 2016, PF have focused priority on supporting special needs pupils at the House of Children Nursery & Primary School. Through corporate sponsors, funding has assisted disadvantaged children from Gisenyi to benefit from the ground breaking schooling offered here, whatever their special needs or disabilities.

Whether it’s deafness, learning difficulties, deformities, autism or cerebral palsy, school sponsorships help every child belong and receive their right to education.

Sponsorships cost £20 a month

School uniform is mandatory in Rwanda. Each child needs 2 day uniforms, a sports kit & shoes. The uniforms are made by disabled youth training in tailoring at the Ubumwe Community Center.

Uniform sets cost £35 a year per child

As well as school fees, the nutritional welfare of the children is boosted with daily lunch and milk provisions, helping them maintain a better standard of health.

Lunch & milk costs 70p a day per child

Without transport many of the children can’t get to school from their remote villages, especially those who have physical disabilities, so it’s vital sponsorships include bus fees.

Transport costs £10 a month per child

PF funds also subsidise the books, pens, stationery and janitorial supplies required for each pupil. A child will need 6 curriculum books for each school year.

A curriculum text book costs £5

Without skilled teachers, special needs children won’t benefit from inclusive education and the 3 sign teachers paid for by PF are an integral part of school lessons.

A teacher’s salary is £140 a month

Thank you to all our current corporate sponsors who are giving the gift of education to these children and enabling them to discover their abilities.