PF are developing an apiary at the Mwogo farm!

Honeybees are an effective & sustainable way to alleviate poverty in rural areas. The project is a small start-up with potential for high yields and self-sufficiency in 2 years. Farming bees is an inclusive life skill for every age, gender or ability.

The bees provide income from honey, wax and propolis and apiaries support local employment for carpenters making hives and tailors sewing bee suits.

We’re delighted to be partnering with UK’s Bees Abroad organisation, who are working us to give training and advice gained from 21 years of global experience. Training will be integrated under the umbrella of the Mwogo Vocational Centre.

Local flora and environment are well suited to this venture. PF’s farming families are already enthusiastically learning to tend to the 8 starter hives installed in mango trees near Mwogo farm.

Traditional hives are currently being used but funding is being raised to pay local carpenters to build Top Bar hives and buy the materials needed for Mwogo TVET tailoring students to make bee suits.

The beekeeping skills project will start with 2 years training for 25 students, including PWDs from the Farm Project & some of the students from the Vocational School. Hands on training will be given by Bees Abroad Rwanda, who support 4 other bee projects across the country.

Once advanced beekeeping skills are gained, students will be empowered to train others in the community. Co-operatives will evolve, including a women-led initiative. As the training develops there is the potential to introduce beekeeping to other PF supported projects.